artıcles on start-ups and entrepreneurıal ecosystems

“Do you really believe you can be better alone than with a group of talented people around you? If the answer is yes, then you are the problem!”
Starting a company in Abdijan (a yearly destination of mine) is a far cry from doing so in Barcelona (my home city) or San Francisco. It sounds obvious…and it is!
A typical niche product can be easily distinguished from other products. It sounds great… so why is that an issue for start-ups?
When meeting with entrepreneurs and evaluating the market size for the opportunity they are pursuing, I often see the same mistake: a confusion of the accessible market with the potential
If there is one trend that did change the shape of the entrepreneurial ecosystem these last few years it has been the lean start-up movement.
Building the founding team, survival and growth are undoubtedly the major challenges faced by entrepreneurs. In my experience, more than 80% of the fights between founders are related to just
Flexibility and adaptability are 2 of the most necessary skills you need to be successful at leading a start-up for the 5 following reasons.