A Selectıon of My Start-Up Investments

Amphora is a tech-enabled 3PL that provides access to first-class logistics to any ecommerce business.

The management of Retail employees, Reinvented. Unleash the potential and engagement of your retail employees thanks to Beam's Digital Workplace. Easy, in 1 click. Always On.

Online purchase and rental of furniture, decoration and household items.

The most innovative solution for the management and optimization of business travels ever. Save time and money now by booking all your travels from a single platform designed to meet all your needs.

Camillion is a fast asynchronous video chat app for teams, built to boost productivity and save time.

The complete toolkit for flexible offices, coworkings, innovation centers, science parks.

Funos is a technology company in the funeral sector, also known as the "death tech" or "funer tech” sector".

We bring whatever you want to your door! Order from any of our restaurants, or order anything you can think of. We'll bring it to you.

Kleta is a startup founded in Barcelona, born from a simple idea: for a fixed monthly fee you get a bike.

Your logistics partner in the Canary Islands Fashion & Lifestyle.

A new experience of collective learning. It is online and collaborative, but even more transformative and human than in the classroom.

Manage all your WordPress websites from one place.

A social impact brand dedicated to the production of artisan and local food products.

The online store for residents of the Canary Islands that allows you to buy without VAT, in any online store in the EU.

Talmix technology uses data and insights to match requirements instantly and power the entire hiring process working with you.

Create your own clothing brand. Design, produce, store and sell, all in one place.

Shared Commute in 1-Click - Twende pools city dwellers with direct, affordable and reliable transport options.

The first online platform where you can preorder next season’s collections with up to 40% off. These unique prices are a reward for those who anticipate seasonal trends.

Trioteca shows you the mortgage offer that best suits your needs. Free, objective and impartial, we find and apply for your mortgage in a single click. We analyze the banks with total transparency.

Venture Hub is a a consulting firm supporting the scale of high growth start-ups and the development of entrepreneurial skills in the society at large.